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The waste and pollution from flyers.

At utake we believe that the IT revolution can do a lot for a better environment.

Try to guess the story from this picture. Somehow it begins at the forest and much energy is going to be spent in order to send a flyer to the landfill.

Color Produces
Yellow chemical pollution
Black CO2 emissions

At the end all flyers ever produced go to recycling or most likely to the landfill.

How much waste is being produced by Brighton and Hove ?

This is an estimate. If you have any thoughts about it please contact us.

Minimum estimate.

There are more than 150 active take away shops in Brighton who send flyers to our mailboxes.

A medium size take away shop prints 8.000 flyers per month.

We will calculate a minimum estimate for that:

~120(shops) x ~4.000(flyers/month) = ~480.000 flyers per month.

Now each flyer mid to small size is at least 5 grams.

480.000 x 5 g = 2.400.000 g = about 2 tons of rubbish every month.

Another approach to this estimation:

To get a more realistic estimate, brighton according to the official city profile has 114,479 households. On average, every house gets at least 5 flyers every month

Number of households=114,479 x 5 (flyers in total per month on every house) = 722395 flyers per month, = ... 3.6 tons of rubbish.

One way or the other, we are talking about a big problem. utake is an alternative to flyering.


Solution ?

With utake we can access the flyers online and hence reduce the need to pick up a flyer from the shop.

Also if take away shop owners are aware that we have the flyer they will reduce flyering because its a waste of money to send flyers to people who already have access to the flyer.

more info will be available here soon.

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