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Utake servicies for shop owners

Free registration, no hidden fees.

If you are not already listed in our catalogue please follow the link to add/or update your information. Its a free service that will drive people to your shop.

Registration is very simple and easy, just send us one of your flyers.

Once your shop is registered


Get more customers

utake visitors are looking for take away shops.


There are two ways to turn our visitors to your customers.

click here for more info and prices.




Photographs of your shop can dramatically influence a customers choice to order from a shop. For 15 pounds per year we will display photos of your shop and if necessary we will come and take photos from your shop.

For the next few months we will not charge you for taking photos of your shop.

The photos will be displayed on your shops information page. Also there will be one small photo next to the search results if your shop is among the top 10 first results !



Using utake you will not miss any customer who lost your flyer, you will help the environment as well. Reducing flyering reduces landfill waste and saves energy in many ways while reducing CO2 emissions. By becoming green in this way you help local economy and you show to your customers that you care about problems that affect us and future generations.

find out more about helping the environment with utake.


Website creation.

If you would like to have a web site for your shop, we can create one at an affordable price.

> Special offer, get your take away website + hosting + free setup for 170 pounds !

  • Your custom design
  • photographs of your shop, (we provide the photographer)
  • up to 5 email addresses
  • or .com
  • your flyer online
  • map with the location of your shop
  • stay in touch with your customers
  • easy to use system to put your offers online
  • integration with utake system

contact us for more details.



Its very likely that one of us will visit you this month and give you our newsletter with statistics. In the near future utake members will receive personal report of their shop.

On our reports you will find.

  • which is the popularity of every meal.
  • what time people are searching to eat.
  • which is the busiest location
  • and much more ...