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New Hong Kong
Me Old China
La Cucina
Golden Grill Brighton


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River SpiceIndian 17 Preston Street, Brighton
Magic WokChinese, Fish 49 Preston Street, Brighton
Buddies Take AwayBurger, Fish And Chips 46-48 Kings Road, Brighton
Buddies RestaurantBurger 46-48 Kings Road, Brighton
Cheeky ChickenBurger, Kebab, Pizza 59 Preston Street, Brighton
Preston GardenPeking, Szechuan, Cantonese 24 Preston Road, Brighton
Aa Charcoal GrillKebab, Burger 41 Lewes Road, Brighton
AkashTandoori 26 Preston Street, Brighton
BangkokexpressIndian 81 London Road, Brighton
BardsleysFish And Chips baker Street, Brighton
Big BitesKebab, Pizza, Burger 41 New England Road , Brighton
Bombay MixIndian 119 St. James Street Brighton, Brighton
Brighton TandooriTandoori coombe Terrace Brighton, Brighton
Brighton WokChinese 34 New England Road, Brighton
Chans WelcomeChinese 6 Viaduct Road Brighton, Brighton
OreganoPizza, Pasta, Salad 19 Old Stein Victoria Square, Brighton
Pizza 2 GoPizza 172 Portland Road, Hove
Pizza Hot 4 YouPizza 24 Boundary Road Hove, Hove
China Chef ExpressChinese 15 Beaconsfield Road, Brighton
China ChinaChinese 33-35 Preston Street, Brighton
China HutChinese 89 Church Road, Hove
China KitchenChinese 17 Coombe Terrace, Brighton
ChopstickChinese 28 Baker Street, Brighton
The BystanderPizza 1 Terminus Road, Brighton
Delhi SpiceIndian 6 George Street, Brighton
China GardenChinese 89-91 Preston Street, Brighton
Delight KebabsKebabs, Burger, Chicken, Fish, Pizza 15 Preston Road, Brighton
Dial A PizzaPizza 103 Dyke Road , Brighton
Empire TandooriTandoori, Indian 76 Lewis Road, Brighton
EasypizzaPizza , Brighton
Express FlamesBurger, Kebab west Street, Brighton
GfcPizza, Burger, Kebab 22 Church Road, Hove
Golden Grill BrightonKebab, Burger church Road , Hove
FlamesPersian, Burger, Fish, Kebab 57 London Road, Brighton
Good FriendChinese 25 Preston Street, Brighton
La CucinaPizza 4a Montpelier Place, Brighton
Pizza_plusodd 43 Waterloo Street Hove, Hove
GangesIndian 93 Church Road Hove, Hove
Golden PhoenixPeking, Szechuan, Cantonese, Chinese 67 Ditchling Road, Brighton
Good FoodChinese 51 St James Street, Brighton
Pronto ExpressPizza 35 St Georges Road, Brighton
Indian KitchenIndian 194 Church Road, Hove
JalaliaTandoori 31 Baker Street, Brighton
Kebab KnightKebab Burger 15 Coombe Terrace Lewes Road, Brighton
Kemp SpicesTandoori, Balti House 51 St George Road, Brighton
Kemp Town TandooriTandoori, Balti House 111 St Georges Road, Brighton
KhansIndian, Goan st. Georges Road , Brighton
Lees GardenChinese 186 Lewes Road, Brighton
Mai ThaiThai new England Road, Brighton
Melrose RestaurantFish And Chips 132 Kings Road, Brighton
Me Old ChinaChinese 46 West Street, Brighton
MuangThai 77 St Jamess Street, Brighton
New LotusPeking, Szechuan, Cantonese 107 Dyke Road (seven Dials), Brighton
Nishat TandooriTandoori, Indian, Goan 58 Preston Street, Brighton
Oriental Chinese Take AwayOriental, Chinese 70 Lewes Road, Brighton
PaninisdeliItalian 23b, Brighton
Peach BlossomChinese college Place , Brighton
Pizza Di RomaPizza, Burger, Kebab 51 Lewes Road, Brighton
Pizza KingPizza 42 Kings Road, Brighton
Pizza PerfectPizza 48 Lewes Road, Brighton
Raj PavilionIndian 16-18 Preston Road Preston Circus, Brighton
Pizza ExtraPizza 84 Preston Street, Brighton
SaffronsIndian 2 Coombe Terrace Lewes Road, Brighton
SasaChinese, Fish And Chips 20 Coombe Terrace Lewes Road, Brighton
SicilianPizza Chicken Kebab 3 St James Street, Brighton
SobsPizza, Burger, Kebab 3 Islingword Road, Brighton
BlenioVar dyke Road, Brighton
BombayIndian 85-87 Preston Street, Brighton
Sushi GardenSushi, Traditional Japaese Teriyaki Sauce Chicken 32a Preston Street, Brighton
Swallow HousePeking, Szechuan, Cantonese, Chinese 3 Lewes Road , Brighton
Thai Gardens RestaurantThai, Oriental 80-82 Preston Street, Brighton
Thai OrchidThai 65 Preston Street, Brighton
Thai SpiceThai 13 Boyces Street, Brighton
The CaspianKebab, Burger, Turkish 63 Preston Street, Brighton
The Little BuddhaThai 72 Dykes Road Seven Dials, Brighton
The Vice Roy Of IndeaIndian 13 / 14 Preston Street, Brighton
Tropical Curry LandTandoori 37 Ditchling Road, Brighton
The Fishermans RestBritish unknown, Brighton
Um ElnourPizza, Burger, Kebab, Chicken 16 Western Road Hove, Hove
Instabul BbqKebab 125 Western Road, Brighton
MurasakiJapanese 16 Montpelier Place, Brighton
MaharaniIndian 52 Silwood Street, Brighton
Spice NutrimentCurry & Tandoori 66 Queens Road, Brighton
AshokaTandoori 95/97 Church Road, Brighton
Shanghai GardenChinese 50 George Street, Brighton
GoaGoan 4-5 Richmond Parade, Brighton
Buffet IslandChinese 18-19 York Place, Brighton
Pizza BoxPizza 70 Boundary Road, Hove
Super ChefKebab, Pizza, Burger, Chicken 116 Saint James Street, Brighton