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Help the environment & local economy.

Green companies are a very important part of tomorrow. Not only they reduce pollution, they safeguard us from energy crises while improving local economy.

utake supports green companies.

The Big Lemon bus is a Brighton bus company that fuels their busses with the used oils from the take away shops and restaurants. Magpie collects the used oil and with the help of local biodiesel producers it converts it to biodiesel which in turn is being sold in Brighton and used by The Big Lemon bus.

Not only this system does not produce harmful pollution, it uses fuel that was produced in Brighton. Turning waste into fuel guarantees that there will be some fuel in Brighton even if one day we run out.

Check out the government's latest report on biodiesel

More about Biodiesel from Magpies website

These reasons and ideas makes us want to take active place in this positive transition towards a green future. We will try to encourage take away shop owners to give their used oil to Magpie. We also support The Big Lemon bus by developing IT services in order to make competitive against services from bigger bus companies.